Emotional Wellbeing

Psychiatrist Laura Dalheim, MD, located in Greenwich Village, New York psychiatristDr. Laura Dalheim is an empathic and experienced psychiatrist who works collaboratively with patients to address psychiatric and emotional problems. She has an extensive background in the treatment of mental health issues, having worked with adults in hospital, community and office settings.

Dr. Dalheim provides psychotherapy for the individual, with or without medication management. She will also provide medication management in collaboration with another therapist, if appropriate. Communicating with other providers involved in a patient’s treatment is very important and she is  accessible to those other providers for coordination and consultation.

Pharmacogenetic testing is an exciting, new technology which allows for selection of medications without trial and error. Dr. Dalheim now provides this testing (simple cheek swab) and analysis and counseling.

Dr. Dalheim treats adults with various issues including anxiety and mood disorders, and cognitive disorders. She uses an emotion-focused and practical approach to therapy and can be helpful with self-esteem and relationship issues. She believes that environmental and life style factors may contribute to ill-health and should be included in the focus of treatment.

The office is located in the heart of Greenwich Village, near transportation.

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